Vintage Saris
Green Sari

Vintage Saris


Purple SariJust arrived! Glorious vintage Saris, direct from India. Various prices and all unique! From £25 upwards.

Product Description

Just arrived, glorious vintage Saris direct from Bangalore in India.

Sample sari

Sample sari

These beautiful pieces of fabric, with the most wonderful colours, some subtle and delicate and other vibrant and glowing, are now available in very limited quantities.

My advice to you is, if you see one you like, BUY IT !!!  These are NOT mass produced and therefore not repeatable. Each one will have it’s own unique design.

The Saris can be used for many things, as a window drapes, (wonderful light through some of the delicate materials), making your own clothes, covering beds or cushions or indeed for wearing!


FROM £25 upwards.


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