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Why not fill in your details on the contacts page and send them to me?  If you are happy to include your address and telephone number,  I can give you a ring to chat things through if required.

I personally guarantee that your information will not be passed on to anyone else without your express permission and that we will not bombard you with endless annoying emails. We will however, inform you of any new developments, highlight new designs and products or alert you to specific additions to the website. ‘Signed up’ customers will receive special discount codes from time to time, so it’s worth being on the mailing list.

I’m always happy to hear from you too, so feel free to add a comment, get in touch or put a link onto Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. I’m always very happy for you to tell people about our on-line store :~)


 The T’s and C’s below relate the the permissions required for the website – cookie use, third party links and copyright etc.


I NEVER sell, distribute, give or allow your private information to be used or obtained by any other person or third party – ever. If I am required to do this by law or for legal reasons, I will notify you.

Your private information such as names(s), address, telephone number and email address are kept on file for the purposes of carrying out sales transactions and to notify you of special offers, new stock and other necessary notifications such as holiday closure. I will NOT bombard you with emails on a daily/weekly basis, but only when items (as above) come into stock, your special order is ready for delivery or you have requested information on a specific item(s).

Any financial information used in making a purchase through PayPal on my website is never seen or retained by me or my company. Should you opt to pay by credit/debit card, I use a secure website with the company SumUp (  and the information is never retained by me on file, therefore is totally secure. Should you wish to pay by card over the phone, your information is put into the special ‘customer not present’ secure page on SumUp’s website and is not kept on my computer or smartphone, apart from the date, name of purchaser and the last 4 digits of your card number. The only information I retain in these instances would be your name/address/phone number and email address as mentioned above.

If you do not wish me to retain any information as above on my closed files (not accessible by any other person and protected by ESET security systems), please let me know immediately and I will remove them. In doing so, you will not be notified of any further inclusions or special offers unless you wish to re-subscribe.

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